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Trade Breakdown: New Orleans & Washington (6/20/12)

 How it affects Washington:

Hmmm… From a basketball sense, I can see how this trade makes the Wizards better but that is about where the nice things to be said end. Running an NBA team in today’s world requires not only evaluating talent but evaluating VALUE of that talent. Managing the salary cap involves not overpaying for players who only fill a role. While I love the pairing of Continue reading Trade Breakdown: New Orleans & Washington (6/20/12)

Playing Russian Roulette

Gerald Wallace had until Wednesday night at midnight to decide whether or not to exercise an option in his contract that would extend it for one more year, and $9.5M, but he decided to let his contract expire rather than play on a one year deal. This decision may not seem to be too Earth shattering considering Wallace is a second tier star but it does start the countdown to a potential doomsday for the once-New Jersey Nets who have not even finished unpacking all the boxes in the new Barclays center in their new home in Brooklyn.

Continue reading Playing Russian Roulette

List of 2012-13 Free Agents

This summer’s crop of free agents have quite a few diamonds in the rough, but mostly among the restricted ranks. While Chris Paul and Dwight Howard have put off their free agent tours until next year, the biggest unrestricted decision belongs to Deron Williams. We also watch curiously as Boston and Dallas have a number of stars without contracts and San Antonio has to put a value on the importance of an aging Tim Duncan. For the complete list of players who could be coming to your town click here.