Draft Order Set

The NBA held the 30th annual Draft Lottery tonight and for the most part, the order established by the regular season held the same. The only change? It was a big one. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the lottery for the second year in a row, and the third time in four years, despite having a less than 2% chance of being the team in the last envelope.

Certainly many pundits will claim that this is another part of the compensation agreement between the league and Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert who was, to put it lightly: “unprofessional in the voicing of his disappointment” with LeBron James’ “decision” in 2010.

From my perspective, it cost my Pistons their first round pick this year. So I am trying my very best not to have my own Gilbertonian reaction; We’ll leave it at saying that I am not really happy.

01. Cleveland
02. Milwaukee
03. Philadelphia
04. Orlando
05. Utah
06. Boston
07. LA Lakers
08. Sacramento
09. Charlotte (from Detroit)
10. Philadelphia (from New Orleans)
11. Denver
12. Orlando (from New York via Denver)
13. Minnesota
14. Phoenix