”” 1952 NBA DRAFT

to 1951 to 1953

* Records of which round the players were selected in for the 1952 draft are incomplete, except for those of the Boston Celtics franchise, which have rounds indicated before each name.

1st round

First Round Pick 1
Milwaukee Hawks – Mark Workman – 6’9 C West Virginia
First Round Pick 2
Baltimore Bullets – Jim Baechtold – 6’4 GF Eastern Kentucky
First Round Pick 3
Fort Wayne Pistons – Dick Groat – 6’1 G Duke
First Round Pick T
Philadelphia Warriors – Bill Mlkvy – 6’4 F Temple
First Round Pick 4
Indianapolis Olympians – Joe Dean – G Louisiana State
First Round Pick 5
New York Knicks – Ralph Polson – 6’7 FC Whitworth
First Round Pick 6
Boston Celtics – Bill Stauffer – F Missouri
First Round Pick 7
Syracuse Nationals – Bob Lochmueller – 6’5 F Louisville
First Round Pick 8
Rochester Royals – Chuck Darling – FC Iowa
First Round Pick 9
Minneapolis Lakers – Clyde Lovelette – 6’10 C West Liberty

Later rounds:

Milwaukee Hawks – (2nd round) Eddie Miller 6’8 Center -Syracuse; Pete Brewster-Purdue; Roger Johnson-Arizona; George McLeod 6’5 Forward -TCU; Ab Nicholas-Wisconsin; Dick Retherford-Baldwin/Wallace; John Snee-Clemson; Jim Tackett-New Mexico; Coyt Vance-Mississippi State; Bob Watson 6’0 Guard-Kentucky

Baltimore Bullets – Blaine Denning 6’2 Guard-Lawrence Tech; Chuck Grigsby 6’5 Guard -Dayton; Frank Guisness-Washington; Bill Lea-Southwest Missouri; Art Press-Western Maryland; Bob Priddy 6’3 Forward-New Mexico A&M; Benny Purcell-Murray State; Bud Penwell-Oklahoma City; Mike Magula-Youngstown; Bob Peterson 6’5 Forward-Oregon; Jim Walsh 6’4 Forward-Stanford

Fort Wayne Pistons – (2nd round)Don “Monk” Meineke 6’7 Forward/Center-Dayton; Bill Carlson-Fordham; Hal Cerra-Duquesne; Bob Clifotn-Iowa; Leo Corkery-St. Bonnaventure; Lee Terrill-NC State; Jim Ramstead-Stanford

Philadelphia Warriors – (2nd round)Walt “Buddy” Davis 6’8 Forward/Center–Texas A&M; Tom Brennan 6’4 Forward-Villanova; Bob Brown-Louisville; Burr Carlson-UConn; Nick Kladis-Loyola[IL]; Newt Jones-LaSalle; Moe Radovich 6’0 Guard-Wyoming; Don Scanlon-Pennsylvania; Glenn Smith-Utah; Ben Stewart-Villanova

Indianapolis Olympians – (2nd round)Robert “Zeke” Zawoluk 6’7 Forward/Center–St. John’s; Jay Handlan-Washington & Lee; Bill Harrell-Siena; Jim Hoverder-Central Missouri State; Gene Rhodes 6’1 Guard-Western Kentucky; Dale Toft-Denver; Lucian “Skippy” Whitaker 6’1 Guard-Kentucky; Gordon Stauffer-Michigan State

New York Knicks – Roy Belliveau-Seton Hall; Dick Bunt 6’0 Guard-NYU; Bert Cook 6’3 Guard/Forward-Utah State; Ben Gibson-St. Mary’s [CA]; Bud Julian-Southwest Missouri State; Paul Sullivan-Alabama; Dick Surhoff 6’4 Forward-LIU

Boston Celtics – (2nd round) Jim Iverson–Kansas State; (3rd round) J.C. Maze–Southwest Texas; (4th round) Herm Hedderick 6’5 Guard-Canisius; (5th round) Don Johnson-Oklahoma State: (6th round) Jim Buchanan-Nebraska; (7th round) Fred Eydt-Cornell; (8th round) Gordon Mungier-Spring Hill; (9th round) Jim Dilling-Holy Cross; (10th round) Gene Conley 6’8 Forward/Center-Washington State

Syracuse Nationals – Jim Brasco 6’1 Guard-NYU; Bud Donnelly-LaSalle; Jim Kennedy-Duquesne; Ken McBride 6’3 Guard/Forward-Maryland State; Harry Moore-West Virginia; Bob Roche-Syracuse

Rochester Royals – Bryant Ivey-Alabama; Leroy Leslie-Notre Dame; Ronnie MacGilvray 6’2 Guard-St. John’s; Jewell McDowell-Texas A&M; Jack McMahon 6’1 Guard-St. John’s; Sam Miranda-Indiana; Jerry Romney-BYU; Ray Royce-Houston; Arnold Smith-CCNY; Ray Sonnenberg-St. Louis; Ray Steiner-St. Louis; Bob Whitmer-Florida State

Minneapolis Lakers – Tom Ackermann-West Liberty; Jim Bishop-Mississippi Southern; Rod Fletcher-Illinois; Cliff Haag-Wyoming; Jim Holstein 6’3 Guard/Forward-Cincinnati; Bob Holt-Tulane; Tom Katsimpalis-Eastern Illinois; Dick Means-Minnesota; Dwight Morrison-USC; Carl McNulty 6’3 Guard-Purdue; Ed Ramiraz-Centenary; Don Schneider-Arizona; Gene Smith-Xavier[OH]; Gene Smith-Huron; Homer Spain-Union[TN]; John Wallesea-Memphis State


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