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1st round

First Round Pick 1
Houston Rockets – Akeem Olajuwon 7’0 C Houston
First Round Pick 2
From Indiana Pacers (1981.06.05)
Indiana traded a 1984 1st rd pick (02-Sam Bowie) to Portland for Tom Owens.
Portland Trailblazers – Sam Bowie 7’0 C Kentucky
First Round Pick 3
Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan 6’6 SG North Carolina
First Round Pick 4
From Cleveland Cavaliers (1980.09.16)
Cleveland traded a 1984 1st rd pick (04-Sam Perkins) to Dallas for Mike Bratz.
Dallas Mavericks – Sam Perkins 6’10 FC North Carolina.
First Round Pick 5
From Los Angeles Clippers (1978.10.12)
San Diego traded a 1984 1st rd pick (05-Charles Barkley) to Philadelphia for World B. Free.
Philadelphia 76ers – Charles Barkley 6’6 PF Auburn
First Round Pick 6
Washington Bullets – Mel Turpin 6’11 C Kentucky
Draft Rights Traded to Cleveland Cavaliers
First Round Pick 7
San Antonio Spurs – Alvin Robertson 6’4 G Arkansas
First Round Pick 8
From Golden State Warriors (1980.08.28)
Golden State traded a 1984 1st rd pick (08-Lancaster Gordon) and Phil Smith to San Diego for World B. Free.
Los Angeles Clippers – Lancaster Gordon 6’3 G Louisville
First Round Pick 9
Kansas City Kings – Otis Thorpe 6’11 PF Providence
First Round Pick 10
From Denver Nuggets (1978.08.16)
Denver traded a 1984 1st rd pick (10-Leon Wood), Ralph Simpson, and Bobby Jones to Philadelphia for a 1978 1st rd pick (21-Mike Evans) and George McInnis.
Philadelphia 76ers – Leon Wood 6’3 G Cal State-Fullerton
First Round Pick 11
Atlanta Hawks – Kevin Willis 7’0 PF Michigan State
First Round Pick 12
Cleveland Cavaliers – Tim McCormick 7’0 C Michigan
Draft Rights Traded to Washington Bullets
Draft Rights Traded to Seattle Supersonics
First Round Pick 13
Phoenix Suns – Jay Humphries 6’3 PG Colorado
First Round Pick 14
From Seattle Supersonics (1983.08.18)
Seattle traded a 1984 1st rd pick (14-Michael Cage), James Donaldson, Mark Radford, and Greg Kelser to LA Clippers for a 1984 3rd rd pick (52-Terry Williams), a 1987 2nd rd pick (24-Fred Banks), Al Wood, and Tom Chambers.
Los Angeles Clippers – Michael Cage 6’9 C San Diego State
First Round Pick 15
Dallas Mavericks – Terence Stansbury 6’5 SG Temple
First Round Pick 16
Utah Jazz – John Stockton 6’1 PG Gonzaga
First Round Pick 17
New Jersey Nets – Jeff Turner 6’9 PF Vanderbilt
First Round Pick 18
From New York Knicks (1983.09.17)
New York traded a 1984 1st rd pick (18-Vern Fleming) and Vince Taylor to Indiana for Billy Knight.
Indiana Pacers – Vern Fleming 6’5 PG Georgia
First Round Pick 19
Portland Trailblazers – Bernard Thompson 6’6 G Fresno State
First Round Pick 20
Detroit Pistons – Tony Campbell 6’7 G/F Ohio State
First Round Pick 21
Milwaukee Bucks – Kenny Fields 6’7 SF UCLA
First Round Pick 22
Philadelphia 76ers – Tom Sewell 6’5 G Lamar [TX]
Draft Rights Traded to Washington Bullets
First Round Pick 23
Los Angeles Lakers – Earl Jones 7’0 C Washington DC
First Round Pick 24
Boston Celtics – Michael Young 6’7 F Houston

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