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* The 1987 Draft was the last draft that featured seven rounds. The Draft was reduced to three rounds in 1988, and again to two rounds in 1989.

* The San Antonio Spurs selected Navy center David Robinson with the first overall pick in 1987 despite knowing that he was required to complete a two-year naval service commitment before he could join any team.

1st round

First Round Pick 1
San Antonio Spurs – David Robinson – 7’1 C Navy
First Round Pick 2
Phoenix Suns – Armon Gilliam – 6’8 PF UNLV
First Round Pick 3
New Jersey Nets – Dennis Hopson – 6’5 SG Ohio State
First Round Pick 4
Los Angeles Clippers – Reggie Williams – 6’8 SF Georgetown
First Round Pick 5
From New York Knicks (1986.11.12)
New York traded a 1987 1st rd pick (05-Scottie Pippen) and a 1990 2nd rd pick (44-Steve Henson) to Seattle for Gerald Henderson and a 1987 1st rd pick (18-Mark Jackson).
Seattle Supersonics – Scottie Pippen – 6’7 SF Central Arkansas
Draft Rights Traded to Chicago Bulls
First Round Pick 6
Sacramento Kings – Kenny Smith – 6’3 PG North Carolina
First Round Pick 7
Cleveland Cavaliers – Kevin Johnson – 6’1 PG California
First Round Pick 8
From Denver Nuggets (1986.10.02)
Denver traded a 1987 1st rd pick (08-Olden Polynice) to New York for Darrell Walker.
From New York Knicks (1986.10.30)
New York traded a 1987 1st rd pick (08-Olden Polynice) and a 1988 2nd rd pick (35-Sylvester Gray) to Chicago for Jawaan Oldham.
Chicago Bulls – Olden Polynice – 7’0 C Virginia
Draft Rights Traded to Seattle Supersonics
First Round Pick 9
Seattle Supersonics – Derrick McKey – 6’10 SF Alabama
First Round Pick 10
Chicago Bulls – Horace Grant – 6’10 PF Clemson
First Round Pick 11
Indiana Pacers – Reggie Miller- 6’7 SG UCLA
First Round Pick 12
Washington Bullets – Muggsy Bogues – 5’3 PG Wake Forest
First Round Pick 13
From Houston Rockets (1987.01.17)
Houston traded a 1987 1st rd pick (13-Joe Wolf) and a 1989 2nd rd pick (43-Chucky Brown) to LA Clippers for Cedric Maxwell.
Los Angeles Clippers – Joe Wolf – 6’9 PF North Carolina
First Round Pick 14
Golden State Warriors – Tellis Frank – 6’10 C Western Kentucky
First Round Pick 15
Utah Jazz – Jose Ortiz – 6’10 C Oregon State
First Round Pick 16
Philadelphia 76ers – Christian Welp – 7’0 C Washington
First Round Pick 17
Portland Trailblazers – Ronnie Murphy – 6’5 G Jacksonville
First Round Pick 18
From Milwaukee Bucks (1986.07.01)
Milwaukee traded a 1989 1st rd pick (20-Jeff Sanders), a 1987 1st rd pick (18-Mark Jackson), and Alton Ford to Seattle for Jack Sikma, a 1987 2nd rd pick (32-Bob McCann), and a 1989 2nd rd pick (45-Scott Hafner).
From Seattle Supersonics (1986.11.12)
Seattle traded Gerald Henderson and a 1987 1st rd pick (18- Mark Jackson) to New York for a 1987 1st rd pick (05-Scottie Pippen) and a 1990 2nd rd pick (44-Steve Henson).
New York Knicks – Mark Jackson – 6’3 PG St. John’s
First Round Pick 19
From Detroit Pistons (1987.01.29)
Detroit traded a 1987 1st rd pick (19-Ken Norman) and a 1987 2nd rd pick (38-Norris Coleman) to LA Clippers for Kurt Nimphius.
Los Angeles Clippers – Ken Norman – 6’8 SF Illinois
First Round Pick 20
Dallas Mavericks – Jim Farmer – 6’4 G Alabama
First Round Pick 21
Atlanta Hawks – Dallas Comegys – 6’9 F DePaul
First Round Pick 22
Boston Celtics – Reggie Lewis – 6’7 SG Northeastern [MS]
First Round Pick 23
From Los Angeles Lakers (1987.02.13)
LA Lakers traded a 1987 1st rd pick (23-Cadillac Anderson), a 1990 2nd rd pick (54-Sean Higgins), Frank Brickowski, and Petur Gudmundsson to San Antonio for Mychael Thompson.
San Antonio Spurs – Cadillac Anderson – 6’10 C Houston

2nd round

Second Round Pick

San Antonio Spurs
Second Round Pick

Phoenix Suns
Second Round Pick

New Jersey Nets
Second Round Pick

Los Angeles Clippers
Second Round Pick

New York Knicks
Second Round Pick

Sacramento Kings
Second Round Pick

Cleveland Cavaliers
Second Round Pick

Denver Nuggets
Second Round Pick
Seattle Supersonics
Second Round Pick

Chicago Bulls
Second Round Pick

Indiana Pacers
Second Round Pick

Washington Bullets
Second Round Pick

Houston Rockets
Second Round Pick

Golden State Warriors
Second Round Pick

Utah Jazz
Second Round Pick

Philadelphia 76ers
Second Round Pick

Portland Trailblazers
Second Round Pick

Milwaukee Bucks
Second Round Pick

Detroit Pistons
Second Round Pick

Dallas Mavericks
Second Round Pick

Atlanta Hawks
Second Round Pick

Boston Celtics
Second Round Pick

Los Angeles Lakers

3rd round

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