2011 NCAA SOUTHWEST Bracket Prospects

These are the top prospects in the SOUTHWEST region of the NCAA tournament bracket. A couple of points to mention:

1.) There are some good college players who may not be listed because of one reason or another that I do not consider a PRO-prospect.

2.) By the time a player is a senior they lose the benefit of the doubt gained from being a top-100 high school recruit if they have not been productive.

3.) Since the primary focus of this site is to gauge professional prospects, there are players listed here (particularly underclassmen) who either do not yet contribute to their team’s rotation, are injured, or are currently ineligible.


(1) Kansas

Markieff Morris – Kansas 6’9 Power Forward (Junior)

Marcus Morris – Kansas 6’8 Power Forward (Junior)

Thomas Robinson – Kansas 6’9 Power Forward (Sophomore)

Josh Selby – Kansas 6’3 Point Guard (Freshman)

(16) Boston

John Holland – Boston U. 6’5 Shooting Guard (senior)


(8) UNLV

Chace Stanback – UNLV 6’8 Small Forward (Junior)

(9) Illinois

Demetri McCamey – Illinois 6’3 Point Guard (Senior)

Jereme Richmond – Illinois 6’7 Small Forward (Freshman)


(5) Vanderbilt

John Jenkins – Vanderbilt 6’4 Shooting Guard (Sophomore)

Jeffery Taylor – Vanderbilt 6’7 Small Forward (Junior)

Festus Ezeli – Vanderbilt 6’11 Center (Junior)

Brad Tinsley – Vanderbilt 6’3 Point Guard (Junior)

(12) Richmond

Justin Harper – Richmond 6’10 Forward (Senior)

Kevin Anderson – Richmond 6’0 Point Guard (Senior)


(4) Louisville

Preston Knowles – Louisville 6’1 Point Guard (Senior)

(13) Morehead State

Kenneth Faried – Morehead State 6’8 Power Forward (Senior)

Demonte Harper – Morehead State 6’4 Guard (Senior)


(5) Georgetown

Austin Freeman – Georgetown 6’3 Shooting Guard (Senior)

Chris Wright – Georgetown 6’1 Point Guard (Senior)

(11) Virginia Commonwealth

Jamie Skeen – Virginia Commonwealth 6’9 Forward (Senior)


(3) Purdue

JaJuan Johnson – Purdue 6’10 Power Forward (Senior)

E’Twaun Moore – Purdue 6’4 Shooting Guard (Senior)

(14) St. Peter’s



(7) Texas A&M

Khris Middleton – Texas A&M 6’7 Small Forward (Sophomore)

(10) Florida State

Chris Singleton – Florida State 6’9 Small Forward (Junior)


(2) Notre Dame

Ben Hansbrough – Notre Dame 6’3 Point Guard (Senior)

Tim Abromaitis – Notre Dame 6’8 Forward (Senior)

Carleton Scott – Notre Dame 6’8 Power Forward (Senior)

(15) Akron

Nikola Cvetinovic – Akron 6’8 Small Forward (Junior)