”” 1956 NBA DRAFT

to 1955 to 1957

* Although Red Auerbach had been coaching and managing the roster of the Boston Celtics with moderate success for 6 seasons, those modest beginning are forgotten due to the moves he made in the 1956 NBA Draft. Drafting Tom Heinsohn and KC Jones were great picks but the first great draft day steal involved trading Boston’s leading scorer ‘Easy’ Ed McAuley to the St.Louis Hawks for the rights to Bill Russell. Don’t feel too bad for the Hawks, McAuley paired with All-time great Bob Pettit to beat the Celtics and win the franchise’s only NBA title in 1958 (after Russell missed games 4 & 5 with a sprained ankle).

1st round

First Round Pick 1
Rochester Royals – Sihugo Green – 6’2 Duquesne
First Round Pick 2
St.Louis Hawks – Bill Russell – 6’10 C San Francisco
Draft Rights Traded to Boston Celtics
First Round Pick 3
Minneapolis Lakers – Jim Paxson – 6’6 Dayton
First Round Pick 4
New York Knicks – Ronnie Shavlik – 6’8 NC State
First Round Pick 5
Syracuse Nationals – Joe Holup – 6’6 F George Washington
First Round Pick 6
Fort Wayne Pistons – Ron Sobieszczyk – 6’3 DePaul
First Round Pick T
Boston Celtics – Tom Heinsohn – 6’7 Holy Cross
First Round Pick 7
Philadelphia Warriors – Hal Lear – 6’0 Temple

2nd round

Second Round Pick 8
Rochester Royals – Bob Burrow – 6’7 Kentucky
Second Round Pick 9
St.Louis Hawks – Williw Nauls 6’6 UCLA
Second Round Pick 10
Minneapolis Lakers – Terry Rand – Marquette
Second Round Pick 11
New York Knicks – Gary Bergen – 6’8 Utah
Second Round Pick 12
Syracuse Nationals – Paul Judson – Illinois
Second Round Pick 13
Fort Wayne Pistons – Bob Kessler – Maryland
Second Round Pick 14
Boston Celtics – K.C. Jones – 6’1 G San Francisco
Second Round Pick 15
Philadelphia Warriors – Phil Rollins – Louisville

Later rounds [underline denotes player who played in league]

George Linn – Alabama;

Fort Wayne
Bill Thieben – Hoffstra;

Darrell Floyd – Furman;

Jerry Bird – Kentucky;

New York
Jerry Harper – Alabama;

Bevo Francis – Rio Grande;

Dave Piontek – Xavier [OH];

Forest Abe – Western Kentucky;

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