”” 1953 NBA DRAFT

to 1952 to 1954

* The Indianapolis Olympians ceased operations prior to the 1952-53 season just one season after the lifetime ban of it’s two best players.

1st round

First Round Pick T
Philadelphia Warriors – Ernie Beck – 6’4 GF Pennsylvania
First Round Pick 1
Baltimore Bullets – Ray Felix – 6’11 C Long Island
First Round Pick 2
Milwaukee Hawks – Bob Houbregs – 6’8 C Washington
First Round Pick 3
Fort Wayne Pistons – Jack Molinas – 6’6 F Columbia
First Round Pick 4
Rochester Royals – Richie Regan – 6’2 G Seton Hall
First Round Pick 5
Boston Celtics – Frank Ramsey – 6’3 G Kentucky
First Round Pick 6
Syracuse Nationals – James Neal – 6’11 C Wofford
First Round Pick T
New York Knicks – Walt Dukes – 7’0 C Seton Hall
First Round Pick 7
Minneapolis Lakers – Jim Fritsche – 6’8 FC Hamline

2nd round

Second Round Pick 8
Philadelphia Warriors – Larry Hennessy – 6’3 G Villanova
Second Round Pick 9
From Baltimore Bullets (1952-11-28)
Baltimore traded a 1953 2nd rd pick (9-Buddy Ackerman) and cash to New York for Ray Lumpp.
New York Knicks – Buddy Ackerman – Long Island
Second Round Pick 10
From Milwaukee Hawks (1952-11-24)
Milwaukee traded Eddie Miller and a 1953 2nd rd pick (10-Bob Speight) to Baltimore for George Ratkovicz.
Baltimore Bullets – Bob Speight – G NC State
Second Round Pick 11
Fort Wayne Pistons – George Glasgow – G Fairleigh Dickinson
Second Round Pick 12
Rochester Royals – Norman Swanson – 6’6 F Detroit
Second Round Pick 13
Boston Celtics – Chet Noe – FC Oregon
Second Round Pick 14
Syracuse Nationals – Dick Knostman – 6’6 C Kansas State
Second Round Pick 15
New York Knicks – Neil Gordon – F Furman
Second Round Pick 16
Minneapolis Lakers – Ron Feiereisel – 6’3 G DePaul

Later rounds:

3rd round
Pick 17 – Philadelphia Warriors – Norm Grekin – 6’5 F LaSalle
Pick 18 – Baltimore Bullets – Bob Peterson – 6’5 F Illinois
Pick 19 – Milwaukee Hawks – Bill Bolger – 6’5 F Georgetown
Pick 20 – Fort Wayne Pistons – Jim Bredar – Illinois
Pick 21 – Rochester Royals – Frank Reddout – 6’5 F Syracuse
Pick 22 – Boston Celtics – Cliff “Lil Abner” Hagan – 6’4 GF Kentucky
Pick 23 – Syracuse Nationals – Billy Kenville – 6’2 GF St.Bonnaventure
Pick 24 – New York Knicks – Joe Smyth – 6’3 F Niagra
Pick 25 – Minneapolis Lakers – Hartly Kruger – Idaho

4th round
Pick 26 -Philadelphia Warriors Fred Ihle-LaSalle
Pick 27 -Baltimore Bullets Bill Schyman-DePaul
Pick 28 -Milwaukee Hawks Irv Bemoras 6’3 Guard/Forward-Illinois
Pick 29 -Fort Wayne Pistons Jim Bingham-EasternKentucky
Pick 30 -Rochester Royals Will Walls-Miami [OH]
Pick 31 -Boston Celtics Earle Markey-Holy Cross
Pick 32 -Syracuse Nationals Andy McGowan-Manhattan
Pick 33 -New York Knicks Allan Schutts-Springfield
Pick 34 -Minneapolis Lakers Ken Flowers-USC

5th round
Pick 35 -Philadelphia Warriors Eddie Solomon-West Virginia Tech
Pick 36 -Baltimore Bullets Paul Nolen 6’10 Center-Texas Tech
Pick 37 -Milwaukee Hawks Gene Dyker 6’6 Forward-DePaul
Pick 38 -Fort Wayne Pistons Mike Bodnar-St.Bonnaventure
Pick 39 -Rochester Royals Hugh Beins-Georgetown
Pick 40 -Boston Celtics John Holup-George Washington (Junior)
Pick 41 -Syracuse Nationals Warren Shackelford-Tulsa
Pick 42 -New York Knicks Richard “Dick” Atha 6’2 Guard-Indiana State
Pick 43 -Minneapolis Lakers Zippy Morocco-Georgia

6th round
Pick 44 -Philadelphia Warriors Don Eby-USC
Pick 45 -Baltimore Bullets Elmer Tolson-EasternKentucky
Pick 46 -Milwaukee Hawks Joe Cipriano-Washington
Pick 47 -Fort Wayne Pistons Norb Lewinski-Notre Dame
Pick 48 -Rochester RoyalsKendall Sheets-Oklahoma A&M
Pick 49 -Boston Celtics Vernon Stokes-St.Francis [NY]
Pick 50 -Syracuse Nationals Bill Jenkins-LeMoyne
Pick 51 -New York Knicks Forrest Hamilton-Southwest Missouri State
Pick 52 -Minneapolis Lakers Pete Silas-Georgia Tech

7th round
Pick 53 -Philadelphia Warriors Bob Marske-South Dakota
Pick 54 -Baltimore Bullets Herman Sledzik-Penn State
Pick 55 -Milwaukee Hawks John O’Brien-Seattle
Pick 56 -Fort Wayne Pistons William Hagan-Siena
Pick 57 -Rochester Royals Jim Sottile-West Virginia
Pick 58 -Boston Celtics Lou Tsioropoulos 6’5 Forward-Kentucky
Pick 59 -Syracuse Nationals Bill Hull-Utah State
Pick 60 -New York Knicks Robert Santini 6’5 Forward-Iona
Pick 61 -Minneapolis Lakers Lloyd Olmstead-Cornell

8th round
Pick 62 -Philadelphia Warriors Bill Dodd-Colgate
Pick 63 -Baltimore Bullets Connie Rea 6’3 Guard/Forward-Centenary
Pick 64 -Milwaukee Hawks Eddie O’Brien-Seattle
Pick 65 -Fort Wayne Pistons Dean Kelly-Kansas
Pick 66 -Rochester Royals Dick Gross-Wheaton
Pick 67 -Boston Celtics Ted Lallier-Colby
Pick 68 -Syracuse Nationals Joe Hughes-Denver
Pick 69 -New York Knicks Thomas Bishop-Mississippi Southern
Pick 70 -Minneapolis Lakers Joe Richey-BYU

9th round

Pick 71 -Philadelphia Warriors Bob Sassone-St. Bonnaventure
Pick 72 -Baltimore Bullets Dennis Murphy-Georgetown
Pick 73 -Milwaukee HawksDarrellTucker-UtahState
Pick 74 -Fort Wayne Pistons Dick White-EasternKentucky
Pick 75 -Rochester Royals Jim Gerber-Bowling Green
Pick 76 -Boston Celtics Lewis Gilcrease-Southwest Texas
Pick 77 -Syracuse Nationals Gerald Nappy-Georgetown
Pick 78 -New York Knicks Richard Prater-Kentucky
Pick 79 -Minneapolis Lakers Hank Buddle-Xavier

10th round
Pick 80 -Philadelphia Warriors Toar Hester-Centenary
Pick 81 -Baltimore Bullets Jack Carby-Kansas State
Pick 82 -Milwaukee Hawks Paul Brandt-Columbia
Pick 83 -Rochester Royals Will Bales-EasternKentucky
Pick 84 -Boston Celtics Tom Lillis-St.Louis
Pick 85 -Syracuse Nationals Al Bailey-Duquesne
Pick 86 -New York Knicks Bob Matheny-California
Pick 87 -Minneapolis Lakers Walt Kearns-Arkansas

11th round
Pick 88 -Philadelphia Warriors John Doogan-St.Joseph’s [PA]
Pick 89 -Baltimore Bullets Bob Emmerick-Clarion State
Pick 90 -Milwaukee HawksBobRousey-KansasState
Pick 91 -Rochester Royals Bill Edwards-St.Bonnaventure
Pick 92 -Boston Celtics Gil Reich-Kansas
Pick 93 -Syracuse Nationals Glen Dille-Tulsa
Pick 94 -New York Knicks Larry O-Connor-Canisius
Pick 95 -Minneapolis Lakers Bill Chambers-William & Mary

12th round
Pick 96 -Philadelphia Warriors Charles Duffley-St.Anselm’s
Pick 97 -Baltimore Bullets Russ Johnson-
Pick 98 -Rochester Royals Bob Goss-NC State
Pick 99 -Boston Celtics Jim Dogerty-Whitworth
Pick 100-Syracuse Nationals Garrett Beshear-Murray State
Pick 101-New York Knicks Delmar Diercks-Iowa State
Pick 102-Minneapolis Lakers Harold Christensen-BYU

13th round
Philadelphia Warriors John “Jack” George 6’2 Guard-LaSalle
Pick 103-Baltimore Bullets Don Stemmerich-
Pick 104-Rochester Royals Paul Smaagard-Hamline
Pick 105-Minneapolis Lakers Bob Gelle-Minnesota

14th round
Pick 106-Baltimore Bullets Bob Krabeck-
Pick 107-Rochester Royals Ken Sears 6’9 Center – Santa Clara
Pick 108-Minneapolis Lakers Lloyd Thorgaard-Hamline

15th round
Pick 109-Baltimore Bullets Joe Piorkowski-
Pick 110-Rochester Royals John Kurz-Loyola [MD]
Pick 111-Minneapolis Lakers Bob Gussner-Hamline

16th round
Pick 112-Baltimore Bullets Edward Walsh-
Pick 113-Rochester Royals Ed Kohl-Regis
Pick 114-Minneapolis Lakers Chuck Wolfe-North Dakota

17th round
Pick 115-Rochester Royals Gene Lambert Jr.-Arkansas
Pick 116-Minneapolis Lakers Doug Atkins-Tennessee

18th round
Pick 117-Rochester RoyalsTex Silverman-
Pick 118-Minneapolis Lakers Roger Kuss-River Falls State

19th round
Pick 119-Rochester Royals Nick McGuire-

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