2011 NCAA SOUTHEAST Bracket Prospects

These are the top prospects in the SOUTHEAST region of the NCAA tournament bracket. A couple of points to mention:

1.) There are some good college players who may not be listed because of one reason or another that I do not consider a PRO-prospect.

2.) By the time a player is a senior they lose the benefit of the doubt gained from being a top-100 high school recruit if they have not been productive.

3.) Since the primary focus of this site is to gauge professional prospects, there are players listed here (particularly underclassmen) who either do not yet contribute to their team’s rotation, are injured, or are currently ineligible.

(1) Pittsburgh

Ashton Gibbs – Pittsburgh 6’2 Guard (Junior)

Brad Wanamaker – Pittsburgh 6’4 Guard (Senior)

(16) UNC-Asheville

D,J. Cunningham – UNC-Ashville 6’10 Forward/Center (Sophomore)


(8) Butler

Matt Howard – Butler 6’8 Small Forward (Senior)

Shelvin Mack – Butler 6’3 Guard (Junior)

(9) Old Dominion

Frank Hassell – Old Dominion 6’9 Power Forward (Senior)

Kent Bazemore – Old Dominion 6’5 Guard (Junior)


(5) Kansas State

Jacob Pullen – Kansas State 6’2 Guard (Senior)

(12) Utah State

Tai Wesley – Utah State 6’7 Power Forward (Senior)


(4) Wisconsin

Jon Keuer – Wisconsin 6’10 Power Forward (Senior)

Jordan Taylor – Wisconsin 6’1 Point Guard (Junior)

(13) Belmont



(6) St. John’s

Dwight Hardy – St. John’s 6’2 Guard (Senior)

(11) Gonzaga

Steven Gray – Gonzaga 6’5 Shooting Guard (Senior)

Robert Sacre – Gonzaga 7’0 Center (Junior)

Elias Harris – Gonzaga 6’7 Forward (Sophomore)


(3) BYU

Jimmer Fredette – BYU 6’3 Shooting Guard (Senior)

(14) Wofford

Noah Dahlman – Wofford 6’6 Forward (Senior)


(7) UCLA

Tyler Honeycutt – UCLA 6’9 Small Forward (Sophomore)

Reeves Nelson – UCLA 6’8 Power Forward (Sophomore)

Joshua Smith – UCLA 6’10 Center (Freshman)

Tyler Lamb – UCLA 6’5 Shooting Guard (Freshman)

(10) Michigan State

Kalin Lucas – Michigan State 6’1 Point Guard (Senior)

Durrell Summers – Michigan State 6’5 Shooting Guard (Senior)


(2) Florida

Chandler Parsons – Florida 6’10 Forward (Senior)

(15) UC Santa Barbara

Orlando Johnson – California-Santa Barbara 6’5 Shooting Guard (Junior)

James Nunnalley – California-Santa Barbara 6’7 Small Forward (Junior)