Trade Breakdown: San Antonio/Jefferson – Golden State/Jackson

A pretty straightforward deal. This is a slight win for Golden State and it should be a slight improvement for San Antonio. Here’s why:


 How it affects Golden State:

Golden State is young and trying to get better. The new ownership group seems pro-active and that is a good thing. The team will attempt to tank games so that it retains it 2012 1st rd pick (traded to Utah via NJ but is top-7 protected). Acquired the prior day from Milwaukee where he was “injured”/not getting along with the coaching staff, Jackson was not going to be the type of player you want in a locker room that is losing. Moving him on for an extra year of a bad contract and getting a 2012 1st rd pick isn’t ideal but Jefferson’s not going to win any games for them and losing is the new winning for Golden State (ie: keeping that lottery pick), in 2012 at least. Essentially they have bought their own first round pick for around 20 million dollars.

How it affects San Antoino:

The Spurs are in it to win it. Stephen Jackson can still score and he plays tough-nosed defense – Richard Jefferson doesn’t seem to be able to do things things as well anymore. Jackson is as overpaid as Jefferson but will be so for an extra year, but he is the more productive player, so giving up a late 1st rd pick doesn’t seem to be a big loss considering they already have solid role players (the types who are usually late round picks) and enough depth to make a run this year. More importantly, Jackson was a good trooper playing in San Antonio before and the franchise must think he will be again.